Video Editing

Video editing and post production are where your story comes together into its final form. All of the phases of production are filled with creativity, but post is our favorite because of the power and variety of techniques we can use to make a story sing.

Producers often bring projects to us before any video editing has been done at all. Do you have a rough cut you’re started but need to finish up, polish and prepare for delivery? We help lots of producers do this.

Here are the basic phases of post production we guide a project through…

  • • Collecting and organizing media assets like video, stills and sound effects
  • • Content “string-out” sketches out the rough framework of your production
  • • Refining the “rough cut” to sharpen and focus the story
  • • Adding relevant “b-roll” to expand the viewer’s understanding
  • • Music selection and editing
  • • Recording voice-over
  • • Designing motion graphics
  • • Color grading enhances beauty and creates important feeling and atmosphere
  • • Audio mixing
  • • Output of your video in a variety of formats for delivery

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