When friends at Washington Women in Public Relations asked us if we’d make their Woman of the Year video, we said we’d be happy to help, and immediately began learning about the amazing WOY nominees. There is no shortage of amazing PR here in DC, and the WWPR reflects the caliber of individuals quite keenly, so when we learned that Allyson Burns of the Case Foundation & Revolution, Pam Jenkins of Powell Tate & Hilary Rosen of SKDKnickerbocker were the nominees, we knew interviews would be the way to go, and yes, we just wanted to have a little conversation time with these women, too.

Finding a great shoot location that would lend relevance and build the story was the next task. WWPR connections led to the Sewall-Belmont House Museum, a building with extreme relevance to women’s history and home of the campaign to win voting rights for women in the early 20th century. The next task was to connect the house to the stories of the nominees in a quick and simple way that would speak to the power of PR. Please take a look. The video fit into the event nicely and was very well received.