Your web presence is pretty solid.  A witty Twitter feed, a LinkedIn profile with high-powered connections, and a Facebook page people seem to like.  All of this is great for your online identity, but you may missing an important ingredient to dynamic social networking: video.

With increased access to online video and lower production barriers, American and global consumers are watching more visual content than ever before, and that video content is highly influential.  One billion unique users log on to YouTube each month to watch 6 billion hours of content.  In that group are more US adults aged 18-34 than the audience of any cable network.  Online video is surpassing traditional media outlets and dominating audience attention.

survey by the Web Video Marketing Council found that 93% of marketing professionals used video in their 2013 communication plans.  That’s because it is proven to connect companies and organizations to their audience while boosting consumer confidence in their products and movements.  77% of consumers believe companies that offer video are better at connecting to their customers and 73% of them are more likely to purchase a product after watching a video about it.  Tweets and Facebook posts are great for catching initial attention, but a well-executed video is far more effective at telling your story and inspiring your audience.

We understand the reticence if video is a new frontier for you.  If you’ve thought about it, but cost, availability of video production tools, or proper strategy have made you uneasy, you are not alone.  The Web Video Marketing Council’s survey unearthed hesitation in about one third of their respondents.  But even those that expressed these worries understood the power and necessity of video.

Video is a powerful tool with proven results. 85% of people using the internet in the US watch videos online, and they could be watching yours.  Video is widespread and can connect you to more consumers than ever before. Other companies recognize this, and 82% of marketers agree that video marketing has a positive impact on their business or organization.

Video production is a valuable tool that your competitors may have already invested in; don’t get left behind. We can help you out. Please contact us to find out how to best use video to get your point across.

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