The National Association of Corporate Directors, NACD, has seen a major jump in the number of pre-event registrations for their annual conference after prominently featuring Story Store Media’s video promoting the event on their website. NACD officials report that conference registrations are up more than 300 percent over previous years.

“Our conference is all about helping directors share best practices and hear innovative new thinking that help them to be better assets in the boardroom. Video conveys that in a real, visceral way that no print piece can adequately capture,” say Erin Essenmacher, Director of Education for NACD. Essenmacher, a producer and director of numerous award-winning films, understands the importance of high-quality video production. “The piece that Story Store Media helped us create got the message across in a direct and compelling way. I really believe it’s a key factor in the phenomenal jump in registrations we’ve seen over previous years,” she adds.

“We keyed in on emotional hot-button issues for corporate directors,” says Story Store Media partner Paul Borostovik. “Tailoring video productions to the specific concerns of a target audience is a great way to make a story resonate,” adds Story Store Media producer Corey Petree.

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