As of this writing, the video production “Run. Hide. Fight.“ for the City of Houston, which Story Store Media completed with Good Egg Media, has gotten almost  3 million hits on YouTube – the first million in around one month*. The video is about what to do if you find yourself in an area with an active shooter. Unfortunately that has happened a number of times recently. Thankfully, the City of Houston has had the forethought to get the word out to try to make people’s reactions more automatic in a situation where they might otherwise freeze in fright. The video helps folks understand that just remembering three simple ideas can save lives – run, hide, or fight if you have no other choice.

Video is a stand-out way to reach people emotionally as well as rationally. Other mediums can do similar things, but none do as good a job of emotional motivation as video. In this case, the production makes figuring out the basics of what to do in such a paralyzing situation more automatic, an interesting variation on the emotional impact of video.

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