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The 3 Most Important Questions to Ask Before Making a Video

There are three basic questions communications video producers usually ask, either out loud or to themselves, every time a project begins. The answers to these questions usually stir new questions, fuel creative discussion and help form the creative direction and concept of the project. Here are the “big 3 questions” […]

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Story Store Media is Obsessed with Story. Here’s why!

Every video is fundamentally a story at heart. Human beings relate to stories on a primal level—we love them, and we’ve been telling them throughout history. We tell one another news of the day, our personal stories, bedtime stories; we watch movies and television, read books and newspapers; and we find ourselves […]

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3 Reasons Why Video Storytelling Engages Best

Picture this: You’re walking down the sidewalk when you hear violent clanging piano notes and you’re suddenly covered by a shadow. You look up, and see a grand piano swinging above you by a quickly unraveling rope as the wood creaks and a voice yells “Look out!” Do you feel yourself […]

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Video Saves Lives: Prevention over Panic

As of this writing, the video production “Run. Hide. Fight.“ for the City of Houston, which Story Store Media completed with Good Egg Media, has gotten almost  3 million hits on YouTube – the first million in around one month*. The video is about what to do if you find yourself in an […]

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The World’s Smallest Movie

In an amazing scientific and promotional stunt, IBM has made “A Boy and His Atom”, a fun little minute-long stop-motion movie made by magnetically manipulating single carbon monoxide molecules into the animated shapes of a boy and his playmate atom. This little video production is charming and sharable not only because viewers […]

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Video Raises Event Pre-Registration 300%

The National Association of Corporate Directors, NACD, has seen a major jump in the number of pre-event registrations for their annual conference after prominently featuring Story Store Media’s video promoting the event on their website. NACD officials report that conference registrations are up more than 300 percent over previous years. “Our conference […]

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Research Shows: Video is Popular & Extremely Effective

Research about video tells us a lot about the present and future of communicating effectively with audiences. Here is a small sampling of some of our favorites. As they say, number don’t lie… The Digital Video Content Revolution 89 million Americans watched 1.2 billion videos today (ComScore) More Americans 18-34 […]

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One Up Your Competitors: How Video Puts You Ahead

Your web presence is pretty solid.  A witty Twitter feed, a LinkedIn profile with high-powered connections, and a Facebook page people seem to like.  All of this is great for your online identity, but you may missing an important ingredient to dynamic social networking: video. With increased access to online […]